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Mar 28, 2011 4:00pm EDT
the u.s. action in libya. >>> good afternoon, i'm pat lawson muse. >> and i'm wendy rieger sitting in for jim handly. president obama addresses the nation tonight on the latest in libya, and his main message will be reassurance that the u.s. role will be limited. but the president is under pressure to justify his intervention there, and to spell out just how soon u.s. forces can disengage. steve handelsman has the latest on the speech and the war from the white house. >> reporter: president obama today on univision, spanish language tv, previewed what he'll promise the nation about libya. >> our involvement there is going to be limited. both in time and in scope. >> reporter: that looks more likely today. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: libyan rebels are advancing, libyan civilians are safer. it's a dramatic turn-around because of the u.s. and our allies. moammar gadhafi's heavy weapons are being destroyed by coalition pilots. and the air attack that was run by the u.s. will be commanded by nato, an obama diplomatic win. but many in congress warn president obama not to send u.s. ground troop
Mar 31, 2011 4:00pm EDT
that struck down the law as unconstitutional. the battle over the law is expected to reach the u.s. supreme court. >>> today u.s. and british officials are applauding a high-level defection from moammar gadhafi's regime. they say it's a sign the regime is crumbling from within, but the news comes on another day of setbacks for the opposition. steve handelsman reports. >> reporter: again today, libyan rebels were in retreat. firing on government forces with what little they've got. but taking fire and taking flight. the rebels were moving away from tripoli. moammar gadhafi's regaining ground, but he's lost something that might matter more. libyan foreign minister, mus musa kusa defected to britain, his right-hand man, some say orchestrated the lockerbie bombing. >> the point is, the pressure on gadhafi is intense, the people around him are realizing that their days -- the days of this regime are numbered. >> reporter: it's a validation of the obama coalition plan to destroy gadhafi's deadliest weapons. this was a belgian f-16 attack yesterday. and tip the balance to the rebels, with
Mar 3, 2011 4:00pm EST
lived in an apartment in frankfurt. u.s. law enforcement officials say it's too early to know if uka acted alone. two other airmen were wounded in yesterday's shooting. one is reported in critical condition. >>> today president obama delivered his strongest statement yet since the start of the libyan uprising. as steve handelsman reports, mr. obama demanded that moammar gadhafi relinquish power. >> colonel gadhafi needs to step down from power and leave. >> reporter: president obama tough ended his rhetoric after the escalation in libya. for a second day, moammar gadhafi's war planes launched attacks. near libyan rebel forces holding an oil region west of tripoli, the capital. no word on what, if anything, the libyan jets hit. but the fighter attack had to be ordered by the libyan strongman. >> the violence must stop. moamm moammar gadhafi has lost legitimacy to lead and he must leave. those perpetrating violence will be held accountable. >> reporter: president obama ordered u.s. military aircraft to help evacuate foreigners from libya, but he has not ordered u.s. war planes to attac
Mar 24, 2011 4:00pm EDT
are new reports this afternoon that nato forces will take over the u.s.-led military operation in libya. meanwhile, moammar gadhafi and his supporters are showing no signs of backing down. even in the face of deadly air strikes. steve handlesman has the latest. >> reporter: 14 more tom ahawk cruise missiles were fired at moammar gadhafi's military. a french pilot blowing up a libyan jet that tested the no-fly zone. in tripoli, libyan tv showed one of gadhafi's military bases in flames. he has a lot of his armor and artillery, but gadhafi still has a lot left. >> we have light weapons, said this rebel. he has tanks. nbc's richard engel found that out the hard way. out in the desert with libyan rebels who were unable to advance, one fighter armed with a plastic gun. >> it's actually just made of plastic. it's a toy. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: three government mortar or artillery rounds. nobody hurt this time. but the rebels are in trouble. thi they want the u.s. to send them heavy weapons. some democrats fear president obama has put us into a long and maybe a losing fight. >> it's eas
Mar 22, 2011 4:00pm EDT
now banned because of radiation concerns. >>> u.s. stocks dropped as oil prices hit $104 a barrel today. the dow lost 17 points. the nasdaq dropped 8 points. and the s&p 500 lost 4 points to close at 1,293. >>> does cbs really want charlie sheen back? depends on who you ask. as nbc's jeff rossen reports, there's speculation the cbs top execs have asked the actor to come back to work. >> duhu winning. >> reporter: don't laugh, he may be right. charlie sheen called his former bosses every name in the book. now sources say they're willing to move past it, and take him back. on his web cast, sheen said this. about cbs president les. >> in turn, you gave me nothing. it must really suck being your mrs. the promise of getting something yet receiving nothing. >> reporter: and in our interview here on "today," sheen said this. do you owe cbs an apology? >> no. they owe me a big one. publicly. while licking my feet. >> reporter: nothing like that. but cbs is reportedly ready to play ball, welcoming charlie home. if he can settle his differences with warner brothers, and his co-creator chuck
Mar 4, 2011 4:00pm EST
rapist is now in custody. the u.s. marshal service arrested the man about an hour ago, up in connecticut. detectives believe he's responsible for rapes and other attacks on 17 women since 1997. just this week, authorities posted sketches of the suspect on electronic bill boards in states where those attacks occurred, including virginia and here in maryland. >> there is more breaking news in maryland this afternoon. the maryland judiciary house committee has just approved a bill to legalize gay marriage. the panel voted a short time ago, 12-10, to approve it. the bill now goes to the full house of delegates for a vote next week. if passed, same-sex couples in maryland would have the same full marriage rights as heterosexuals. news 4's darcy spencer is in annapolis this afternoon and will have more on this development coming up on news 4 at 5:00 >>> as we mentioned off the top, picket lines are creating patients today at washington honest center, where nurses have gone on a one-day strike. they say they're standing up for patient care. the hospital says the battle is over pay.
Mar 1, 2011 4:00pm EST
programs to feed the poor. 100 programs to plan u.s. roads and rail. 82 programs and ten agencies to promote quality teaching. untold billions wasted, says the gao report. republicans say that's part of what they cut. >> to make sure that we are identifying areas of ways in duplicative regulation, so we can get rid of that. >> reporter: today was just the first of many budget cuts to come. four months after republicans gained power here, their less spending agenda is taking over. steve handelsman, news4, capitol hill. >>> today we are learning about the new women in charlie sheen's life. nbc news got to meet the roommates he calls goddesses in the house that he calls his sober valley lodge. >> some are calling them charlie's angels. sheen says his family should not be worried about his recent run-ins. but that's all his family can do. nbc's jeff rossen sat down again with charlie sheen. >> why do we own this? >> reporter: it's charlie sheen's version of domestic bliss at home with the new loves of his life. one, a self-described porn star he calls rach, another, a model, he calls mad
Mar 29, 2011 4:00pm EDT
the u.s. role in the libyan air war gets smaller and nato gets set to take over command, moammar gadhafi is not giving up or getting out. his forces today counterattacked, pushing libyan rebels back, targeting civilians in rebel-held towns. >> gadhafi is using snipers to shoot people down and let them bleed to death in the street. >> reporter: at secretary of state clinton's meeting today was qatar's prime minister. >> we ask gadhafi to leave and not cause any more bloodshed. >> reporter: but so far it's the libyan leader's call and he says no. >> i'm not sure that we know exactly when we will get to any change in attitude by gadhafi. >> reporter: last night president obama ruled out using u.s. ground troops. >> if we tried to overthrow gadhafi by force, our coalition would splinter. >> reporter: but capitol hill is splintered. >> forcing gadhafi to leave power, i disagree with the president saying that the use of force should be ruled out. >> reporter: if gadhafi hangs on, what will that say about mr. obama. >> the president has said he wants to send a message that you cannot us
Mar 23, 2011 4:00pm EDT
. >> reporter: married eight time to seven different men, husband number six, u.s. senator, john warner. >> heart and soul were just as beautiful as her classic face and majestic eyes. >> reporter: but it was her romance to richard burton whom she first married in 1974 and then again in 1985, that created a media frenzy. >> they were trail blazers for the paparazzi. there had never been anything like. that never stars that big. never a romance that famous and public and scandalous. >> reporter: in 2009, she privately mourned the passing of one of her best friends, michael jackson. in her later years, it was her charity work for aids research that she says kept her going. just days after celebrating her 79th birthday in february, taylor was hospitalized with congestive heart failure. she will be remembered for her beauty, generosity and grace. a private family funeral will be held later this week. the family asked that in lew of flowers, donations be made to the elizabeth taylor aids foundation. in los angeles, news4. >> elizabeth taylor had a major connection to the washington area. she
Mar 30, 2011 4:00pm EDT
and drop u.s. bombs in the desert. >> you have to get, i think, at the head of the snake here. the snake in this case is moammar gadhafi. >> reporter: libyan rebels claim they can get to triply and topple gadhafi if they're given heavier weapons, artillery and rifles. but they are in rare agreement today. that's a bad idea and an escalation. >> have we learned nothing with the danger of open ended military conflicts where the exit strategy is unclear and victory is ill-defined? >> i think we have so much on the plate right now that we need to do to bring to closure. >> we don't know how much al qaeda since volved in the opposition forces, why would we want to strengthen al qaeda's hand in north africa? >> reporter: president obama told brian williams, he might arm libyan rebels. >> i'm not ruling it out and i'm also not ruling it in. >> reporter: while he decides, the side we backed in libya is on the. >> reporter: for now the plan is to keep forces back. top aides said the president still believes the dictator's days are numbered. news4, capitol hill. >>> though new signs conconta
Mar 7, 2011 4:00pm EST
idea who that dna belonged to. after the tip, u.s. marshals tracked down thomas. and when he tossed a cigarette into the street last week, they had their sample. when the dna matched, they had their suspect. >> dna was collected in and subsequently matched by the state forensic sciences lab, confirming that thomas was the east coast rapist. >> reporter: just hours after his arrest, thomas reportedly tried to hang himself in his connecticut jail cell. during his first hearing this morning, neither he nor his court-appointed attorney entered plea in the case. jay gray, nbc news >>> aaron thomas is being held on 1.5 dollars bond >>> there would be a new glimmer of hope for prisoners who maintain their innocence in person is crimes. inmates can file civil rights lawsuits if they're denied access to dna evidence in their case. this decision stems from a death row inmate from texas who says he has not been allowed to test evidence that could potentially overturn his conviction. his execution will be held off until that case is decided. >>> we have breaking news this afternoon from prince jo
Mar 8, 2011 4:00pm EST
they saw no signs of remorse. another hearing is set for april. >>> a u.s. marshal is in critical condition after being shot in the head in a standoff that left one suspect dead. the tense ordeal began at a house on the south side of st. louis this morning. police say two marshals were trying to take a man into custody when he started firing at them. the marshals and the police officer returned fire. the suspect was hit and later died. police have not yet said why the man was a suspect, or why he was being arrested. >>> our tuesday weather, we had a nice spring day out there. but, oh, things are about to take a quick turn. >> meteorologist veronica johnson has details in her first forecast. how quickly? >> well, not too quickly. we've got tomorrow really. most of tomorrow to make the transition. but remember our last weather system over the weekend? it brought anywhere from an inch to upwards of two inches of rain. the next system coming in promises to bring more rain to the area. some neighborhoods could see around three inches of rain. all right. let's get you going here. this s
Mar 2, 2011 4:00pm EST
up on news4 at 5:00 tonight. >>> a u.s. park police officer was thrown into the air in his motorcycle and landed on the pavement during an accident on i-395 in southwest washington today. it happened here near the seventh street and l'enfant plaza. police tell us the officer's motorcycle struck a vehicle that had been involved in an accident. then ricochetted into another vehicle from that accident. that sent the officer and his bike airborne. the officer was taken to the hospital with serious but nonlife threatening injuries. the accident caused some serious traffic back-ups but all roads in the area are now reopened. >>> a teenage boy is in the hospital after being stabbed on a metrobus. it happened last night on bomb on pommer roy road. an investigation into what led to last night's stabbing is underway. >> reporter: the bus known as the garfield anacostia circle anacostia picking up and dropping off passenger at the metro station. it is a popular bus for the kids and teens who 40 anacostia. but last night at 10:45, one of those teens was stabbed and seriously injured. a
Mar 25, 2011 4:00pm EDT
gadhafi and his forces. senior u.s. military officials say gadhafi's ground forces remain a significant threat, despite a week of attacks. >>> and better than expected gross domestic product growth today helped the dow log its best week since last july. the average gain, about 50 points, closing the week at 12,221. the nasdaq was up 7, and the s&p was up by about 4. >>> a 17-year-old girl created quite a pickle in texas in a pageant there, after being accused of gaining weight and not being polite or punctual. pageant organizers stripped the teenager of her crown. however, as lauren lee reports, the young girl has been crowned again, this time by the courts. >> i didn't know how it was going to go. i honestly didn't know how it was going to go, and i just left it in god's hands and i knew that whatever happened it was for a reason. >> reporter: dominique and her family left the courtroom and headed straight to our lady of guadeloupe church to pray and place her crown on the altar for the queen who she says gave her comfort. >> i don't plan on taking the crown away from ashle
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14